We work with you to customise your swimming pool and spa designs to suit your individual needs. Building a swimming pool should be an easy, stress free process and this is why you will deal directly with our experienced team throughout the whole process.

We offer a one on one personalised experience, under the guidance of our director, Matthew Price at all stages of the build. Our team are highly trained to ensure the whole process is stress free to provide you with the best product and service.


Swim Maintenance is the service division of Swim Pools Co. With highly trained and professional service technicians, we offer everything from regular maintenance to renovations and equipment replacement.

  • – Monthly, fortnightly or weekly onsite maintenance
  • – Renovations
  • – Equipment replacement & upgrades
  • – Chemical management & upgrades
  • – Sundry Services

Cyclean Infloor Cleaning System

Paramount cyclean system is a custom designed cleaning system that is built into the concrete structure and is designed to clean 99% of debris in the pool. It comes with individual pop up heads in the floor, steps and bench seats, it also comes with mdx debris removal system which takes any debris from the pool and pushes it into a pool side canister bag for easy removal. The cleaning system also aids in heating and water chemistry by allowing water to be pushed evenly around the pool, leaving your pool crystal clear with a nice even temperature throughout the pool.

Remco Pool Covers

Remco fully automated Swimroll Cover can save you up to 80% in water evaporation, saves energy by retaining heat and help with cleaning the pool, by preventing debris from entering the pool water. The swimroll is a fully automated polycarbonate cover that is built into the pool structure at construction stage, with a push of a button the cover will roll out and float on top of the water completely covering the pool surface where it will aid with heating, cleaning and as an extra bonus, it gives an extra layer of safety to your pool as it is safe to walk on.

Sunbather Pool Covers

Sunbather down under pool cover is also a great option for heat retention, the cover comes in a cylinder that is placed at the end of the pool below ground, it comes with a lift up lid and a easy to use winder. This makes it easily accessible and hidden out of sight making it a great addition to any pool.

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